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Clearing shipments quickly to save your business time and money

Argo is dedicated to providing the import and export communities with top-of-the-line service, keeping abreast of the constantly-changing laws and regulations of the Canadian Customs Service. We're always one step ahead to serve you better.

Argo specializes in urgent shipments for time-sensitive deliveries, with the ability to clear customs at lightning-fast speeds in Customs Ports across Canada. Whether your business requires a one-time shipment or you're a high-volume importer/exporter, we'll take care of all your customs clearing needs from A to Z.

Our extensive network of national and international agents is always working for you, getting you past any situation when it comes to the complexities of the customs processing system. We also provide assistance with the forwarding of goods to both domestic and international destinations. Argo's skilled professionals will work diligently with you to ensure your utmost satisfaction.

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